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5 Best Gaming Laptops

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Serious gamers definitely need to have the best gaming laptops they can possibly get their hands on. These are laptops that deliver the best gaming performance and they come with gobs of RAM, powerful processors and also boast of having solid- state, multiple drives. What this in other words means is that the laptops are able to do double duty job similar to what a desktop computer would do. With so many gaming laptops available around, you can be sure that you will be able to find great selections that suit your gaming needs and here are the 5 best gaming laptops that you should certainly be eying on.

Asus ROG G751JY- DH71

This gaming laptop is very close to perfection when it comes to gaming than any other laptop you can ever find out there. For starters, this is a very attractive machine and even though it features a subdued exterior, you wil. l still love it. The touchpad and keyboard are excellent and has a very accurate display that will definitely take your gaming experience to the next level. With its long battery life and light nature, you can always be sure that this is a laptop that you will really love to have.

Origin EON 17-2 (2014)

This gaming laptop certainly comes with the best hardware that any gaming laptop should have. The incredible 1080P display of the laptop will amaze you and has other features like webcam, Bluetooth, HDMI and Blu-Ray optical drive. The machine is well built and attractive and comes with lots of connectivity and the large touchpad and keyboard will also make your gaming experience to be the best. The extreme performance of the laptop is just awesome and will certainly not disappoint you in anyway.

AVADirect Clevo P157SM-A

When it comes to playing modern games, there is no gaming laptop that handles the job much better than this one as it does so with great ease. Besides having a large variety of very strong ports, the laptop boasts of having a fast quad core processor, good hardware value, strong gaming performance and others. If you are looking for an incredibly affordable gaming laptop, look no further than this one as you will surely not have to pay a fortune in order to own it. Other features present in the laptop include the Bluetooth, webcam and HDMI.

Alienware 17

If you are a real game, Alienware’s design is something that you will certainly love and this 17 incher gaming laptop delivers the best gaming performance you would ever wish for. The attractive exterior of this machine will wow you and it also prides itself in having excellent connectivity, a large and highly pleasing keyboard as well as loud and clear speakers. This is a very light gaming laptop that comes with enhanced portability and you can certainly be able to take your gaming wherever you are.


When it comes to gaming, MSI GX70 definitely looks the part and the performance of this gadget will definitely satisfy even the hardcore gamers available out there. This machine features webcam, Blu-ray optical drive and Bluetooth. It comes with a very cheap price tag and you will be pleased with the loads of connectivity that the laptop comes with and has excellent keyboard and also very colorful backlighting as well as quality matte display. The build quality of the laptop is one of the best and has topnotch performance and enhanced touchpad not to forget the long lasting battery life and it guarantees excellent value to buyers.

How Much Money Should You Spend For A Decent Gaming Laptop?

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While every gamer out there want to get the most decent gaming laptop, not so many gamers are willing to spend a lot to get that device. Demand for gaming machines has skyrocketed for the past five years or so and according to sale figures, most buyers are spending an average of about $1000 on these laptops. What this in other words means is that while some gamers spend more buying their gaming laptops, a sizeable number of them spend less as well. There is no definite amount of money that one must spend in order to get a decent gaming laptop but even with this being the case, there are a couple of things that you should consider so that you can get the best value on your hard earned money.decent gl

Gaming laptops usually come in varying price ranges and you can get laptops under $1000 and some that exceeds this even more than double. When you are at the store, you will need to do your mathematics very well so that you can know exactly how much you wish to spend while not compromising the kind of gaming experience that you get. If you want to spend about $500, you can still find a gaming laptop but with this budget, you will be greatly limited and your options won’t be as many as such. Nevertheless, gaming laptops that are available at a price of about $500 are adequate for the basic gamer but they are simply that. Just adequate, usable and okay for your gaming but won’t be able to play those highly sophisticated games and there is a really a lot to be desired.

If you are in the process of buying a decent gaming laptop, don’t be so cheap because by the end of the day, you will always get what you pay for. An inexpensive gaming laptop is certainly a poor value and if you are looking for durability and the best value for your hard earned money, paying a little more is usually highly advised. So, if you are able to buy a gaming laptop above $1000, the best for you as you will be buying yourself a might gadget that will take care of your gaming needs in the best way possible.

There are many benefits that you stand to reap if you spend a little more to get a decent gaming laptop. Besides being able to buy a sturdy device that is designed with longevity in mind, you will also be eying on the warranty as well and this certainly means a much better deal for you. In fact, you can only get better warranty in relatively expensive laptops and this is something that most gamers out there don’t really know. Some of the top brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP and Toshiba usually offer gamers a warranty of even as many as three years on their gaming laptops priced above $1000.

 Just because you are getting a better warranty on those highly expensive gaming laptops above $1500 doesn’t really mean that it is the most decent gaming laptop for you. The truth of the matter is that more expensive gaming laptops usually have small but rather measurable reliability advantage compared to their cheaper counterparts. Cheap gaming laptops have the highest rate of failure and this explains why investing in a premium gaming laptop which is defined to be selling over $1000 has a lower likelihood of failing. Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on your new gaming laptop, you should know that reviews show that expensive gaming laptops usually receive high scores compared to their cheaper counterparts. To know more about the best gaming laptops, you can visit this page

Are $2000 Gaming Laptops The Best Among All?

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The average gaming computer usually purchase a laptop which costs about $1000 and this is a behavior that has been observed in the world of gaming for many years. Still, the market is also home to gaming laptops which usually cost double this amount. When you are looking forward to buy a new laptop, one of those that can’t really escape your attention is the $2000 gaming laptop. So, the main question you should really be asking yourself is whether you are getting the best deal in buying this laptop as well or there is really no point in making such an extravagant purchase after all.2000

So, is the $2000 gaming laptop the best of all or do the average gamers who are keen not to spend over $1000 have the best idea. The truth of the matter is that just like any other gadget out there, the $2000 gaming laptops have their pros and cons and this is what you should really consider so that you can be well informed about all these. One question that you will really need to ask yourself is whether your gaming laptop is the only PC that you have or not. So, if you are not planning to own another laptop, investing in such a laptop could be a great idea.

A laptop that is more expensive certainly means that you will get more performance from it and this is one of the reasons why the gaming laptops under 2000 and par prove to be somehow the best among them all. As a gamer, it is essential that you focus more on the power and portability of the device you are buying. An expensive gaming laptop costing about $2000 won’t be much faster than a budget gaming laptop but on the other hand, it weights much less than the budget laptop and this is why buying such a gadget makes more sense.

Also, the battery life of these relatively more expensive gaming laptops is usually much higher compared to that of budget gaming laptops and this is a point that you really can’t let to pass you buy as a gamer. As an enthusiastic gamer, it is needless to say that you are concerned more with the performance of the machine than everything else. Keeping this in mind, it is needless to say that the $2000 gaming laptop offers you great performance without having to spend a fortune on the purchase. However, you must always know that you can’t have performance and portability at the same time and you will need to make a choice on exactly what you want.

A $2000 gaming laptop is twice expensive than a $1000 laptop and nearly thrice expensive than a $500 gaming laptop for a good reason. This gaming laptop usually provides portability, performance and features which are beyond what those relatively cheaper laptops can offer you. But this shouldn’t be taken to mean that the best idea is buying an expensive laptop. Most gamers end up with cheap laptops simply because they don’t really care whether the laptop can live up to their gaming expectations or not.

 On the other hand, gaming enthusiasts are more determined to find laptops with the best performance and are usually more than willing to cough a little more to get exactly than. If you are looking for portability and you are not ready to build a desktop computer for your gaming needs, a $2000 gaming laptop may prove to be a better choice for you. It might not be the best among them all but if you can afford it, this laptop will really not let you down.

Is Razer The Best Gaming Mouse Brand?

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While every gamer owns a certain type of mouse, not every gamer actually owns a gaming which is ideally designed for purposes of gaming. The market is home to different brands of gaming mice and deciding on which one is really the best than the other is actually not an easy job as such. One of the many brands of gaming mouse that you might want to consider when buying one is Razer and there are certainly many reasons as to why this one is rated as the best gaming mouse brand that you can ever buy.

What makes Razer so good?

So, what is it with Razer that makes it the best brand on the market? First, this mouse comes with the best software that you can ever wish for in the gaming mouse and you certainly can’t ask for more than this. Besides, the mouse also supports relatively high CPI settings and this is something that makes it a top option for any die hard gamer and also make use of topnotch sensors which are able to keep up with much faster movements. So, if you are playing a game where faster movements are involved, there is really no doubt that this is the best investment you should make when it comes to a gaming mouse.razer

Most importantly, the Razer gaming mouse is able to translate the hand movements perfectly into cursor movements and does this without in any way wrecking your aim in the game with issues such as angle snapping, jitter or acceleration. So, when you are playing a more intense game, then you can be sure that Razer will certainly not disappoint you as it is precisely designed to take your gaming to the next level. If you do your research very well, you will certainly come into conclusion of the fact that this is a great mouse that you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in.

The body shape of Razer gaming mouse is one that you will certainly not find with other gaming mice found out there. This one is fantastic and fits perfectly well for claw grips and both palm. In addition to this, the mouse also has some two buttons on the left side that are positioned perfectly. Then there is the matte plastic surface of the mouse which keeps the sweat on the hands at its minimum to ensure that you enjoy the best gaming experience that you would ever wish for. The grippy rubber pads that are found on the right and left sides of the mouse help a lot with mouse control.

Light and affordable

Even though the Razer can’t boast of being the lightest brand of gaming mouse on the market, it is still quite light and for enthusiastic gamers, that is very important. This is because it helps a lot in ensuring that the mouse is able to glide well during the course of gaming and as such, you are able to make precise, quick movements in a way that you don’t have to sling around with some extra weight.

As far as the price is concerned, the Razer brand is one of the cheapest brands of gaming mouse available around and you can always be sure that you won’t be paying a fortune for it. It is a lot cheaper compared to most of the gaming mice available and this certainly makes it such a great buy that you should really consider owning. The performance and price of the Razer is something that will make you want to have it as it is certainly the best to play games with.

Gaming Laptops Under $700: Are They Worth It?

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Searching for relatively low priced gaming laptops can be quite a difficult thing considering that these laptops are generally expensive. And when you find one under $700, you start wondering whether it is really worthy it or not. But you might be surprised to know that you can be able to find great value laptops under $700 and this is something that you must really take full advantage of especially if you are a newbie in the world of gaming.

glllGaming laptops under $700 are in most cases entry level laptops and they usually come between $300 and $700 in price range depending on the model in question. Generally speaking, these laptops usually offer power that is sufficient to meet the demands of most games available today on the market. The manufacturers are just keen to keep their price down to levels that buyers can afford. These laptops thus usually target the middle class gamers and are a perfect choice for those interested in saving some few dollars while at the same time not sacrificing their gaming experience at any given time. So, keeping this in mind, it is needless to say that these laptops are definitely worthy it and are certainly worthy the purchase.

Full high definition gaming laptops with a resolution ranging between 1920 x 1080 and also 1600 x 900 are the most common ones in this range of price. Some of these laptops below $1000 are produced by brands which most gamers out there have become really fond of over the rears and are certainly industry leaders. So, you really don’t need to worry that just because you are going for a relatively cheaper gaming laptop you are destined not to enjoy an awesome gaming experience.

Due to the classic features that gaming laptops usually have in comparison to the normal computers; you can expect them to be a little bit more expensive. However, some of the gaming laptops under $700 still boast of having faster processers, large hard drives and better audio speakers that can certainly enhance your gaming experience and certainly take it to another level. While the graphics might not be the best as such, you can still be sure that they are much better than what you would expect your ordinary laptop to give and this is certainly what makes them worthy your money.glllll

The thing is that even though gaming laptops under $700 are quite cheap compared to the higher models of gaming laptops, they are designed to ensure that you experience a gaming experience with a difference. Most importantly, this gaming computer will certainly be able to run gaming applications with great ease, something that the ordinary PC won’t be able to do. Even though their graphics, sound quality and display might leave nothing to be desired by the end of the day, you can certainly be able to live with what they are offering and can assure you of a great gaming experience.

 So, in conclusion, gaming laptops under $700 are certainly worthy it if budget is really a major consideration for you when you are buying a gaming laptop. Simply because the laptop is relatively cheaper than the higher models doesn’t mean it is not reliable or it is low quality. What you must focus on is buying the laptop from a manufacturer who is more reliable. Spend some time comparing different brands of gaming laptops before choosing one which fits in your budget. If you buy from a trusted manufacturer, you won’t start to regret that you purchased a low quality, unreliable laptop.